Join The Superstrs Team

We Are Looking For Problem Solvers

We believe that a successful web / app project comprises functionality, ease of use and some fine touch in visual presentation. Therefore an UI/UX designer is not someone working in silos but collaborate closely with our solution architects to shape out the product.

What we expect from you :

  • Work together with solution architect to come out with UX of various modules
  • Deliver detail UI screens for Responsive Web or Mobile App
  • Familiar with modern UI Design Tools such as Figma, XD or Sketch
  • Good understanding of content layout standards across multiple user devices
  • Organised and maintain consistency in layout, typography, colour theme, spacing
  • Able to give “magic touch” to colour, icons, border, shadows etc from simplicity design that can give comfortable feeling to users
  • Good listening ear as sometime good solution can be found in ideas or feedbacks from team members or clients

In Forecepts, we believe in ever evolving of projects (or products)  in this fast changing world in both market landscape and technology. A project can start as a simple module scope and then become multi-microservice products in few year’s time. Come join us to witness how your “baby” grow from a small seed to a giant tree!

What we expect from you:

  • Work together with Solution Architect to understand requirements thoroughly
  • Deliver functional module accurately
  • Pay attention to performance and security
  • Detailed, careful and organised
  • Development scope: Backend Admin and API
  • Familiar with ASP.NET Core, MVC, EF, Vue.js
  • Collaborating with Front End Developer for API integration
  • Maintain coding and source control standards
  • Using the most updated and appropriate technologies.

A successful soccer team always comprise of few powerful defenders. Just like a skillful defender, a project executive play a very important role our team in ensuring our projects can be delivered with satisfaction without hitting major functional misalignment or errors.

What we expect from you:

  • Work together with Solution Architect to understand requirements and proposed solution clearly
  • Prepare test cases, conduct internal testing and collaborate with clients for external UAT
  • Compile feedbacks and follow up with development team for delivery status
  • Analytical, detail, careful and organised
  • Sharp eyes to spot functional or UI issues
  • Able to balance between expectation and timeline
  • You don’t need to be a CS/IS/IT graduate but someone passionate (of course with patient) to see through quality deliver of product