Guess everyone knows the feeling of writing with a blunt pencil. It doesn’t allow you to write as well when it’s blunt. So you sharpen it once it a while to keep it in great condition for drawing or writing. It’s the same with your website. Most of us do not visit our own websites often enough, and overlook our website maintenance while we are busy serving our customers. But hey, it’s running 24×7, serving customers round the clock, and it needs to be “oiled”. Here’s a simple website maintenance checklist to get you booted.

Website Maintenance Checklist

Have you recently checked the following for your website:
  1. Content is up-to-date and relevant for your business and markets
  2. Optimised for SEO so you are receiving traffic for your keywords
  3. File and database backups are working
  4. CMS or application/plugins are patched for security
  5. Any broken links or 404 errors
  6. Any spam comments or user generated content
  7. Loading well with e.g. Google PageSpeed Insights or Yahoo YSlow
  8. Google Analytics is working and that you are it to spot trends or issues
  9. Important features are functioning e.g. online forms, user registration, checkout and payment, etc.
  10. Auto emails are working and your IP is not blacklisted

At Forecepts, we use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix to test for the performance and mobile friendliness ratings of our clients’ websites. For security, we use Acunetix web vulnerabililty scanner to check for XSS, SQL Injection and other web vulnerabilities.

Need a health check for your site?  We provide website maintenance and application support plans to make sure it runs in a tip-top condition all the time. We have plans that are credit-based or flat-fee based, depending on your website maintenance needs. To find out more about our web maintenance and application plans, drop us a line and share with us more about your website and business.