About GoodLife

Good health, good mind, good families, good friends and good communities lead to good living. GoodLife takes a holistic approach to active ageing by organising activities that address both the physical and mental wellness of our seniors. GoodLife provides a wide range of integrated programmes to promote and enhance the well-being of seniors.

Better Housekeeping with a Centralised Database

GoodLife had been using Excel in the data-keeping of its beneficiaries, volunteers and activities. In addition, hardcopy forms were used when conducting home visits, street surveys and assessments. The efficiency of these tasks can be improved by digitising the processes so that its staff and volunteers can focus on their professional services instead of the various administrative tasks.

The objective of this project was to develop a web application based on a centralised database to keep track of profiles, historical records, surveys, assessments, and to the allow generation of reports on-demand. In addition, there would be an iPad app with interactive forms for volunteers to used during home visits and street surveys. Both the web application and iPad app were required to support English and Chinese, so as to cater for users from both language backgrounds.

Our planning focused mainly in 2 areas:

  1. Understanding the operational workflow so we could design the user experience to suit users with different levels of IT literacy background.
  2. Strategy to convert hardcopy forms and reports into digital formats. This included the understanding of the purposes and users of the forms, and identifying lookup information and interactive points so that all users (especially new users) could be guided by the application to fill up the complex forms easily.

We paid strong attention in designing the user interface for the iPad application so that the survey forms could be easily used on touch screens.

Data Synchronisation & Offline Mode

One conclusion that we made during the brainstorming session with the project stakeholders was to enable the iPad app to run in offline mode and to support the synchronisation of the data on the iPad with the centralised database when there is a stable internet connection. Though the complexity increased, we readily accepted the challenge as our objective was for a great user experience.

As this was the first time GoodLife was digitising their processes, we developed this project in multiple iterations so we could gather feedbacks to produce the optimised functionality and usability outcome:

  • Simple wireframes describing the workflow and forms in digital format – to ensure that we understood the processes and for the users to confirm the format of the forms and reports
  • Developed screen prototypes – to test the user interface of the application
  • Web application development – to ensure the fundamental database design and logic are intact
  • iPad application development – we do this last as the iPad application was highly dependent on the accuracy of the web application

During the deployment phase, our team made multiple trips to the community centres so we could receive feedbacks firsthand from the staff and members who were using the system. This allowed us to respond swiftly to the problems our client and their end-users were facing on-site, and for us to bring the system to the desired operational effectiveness in the shortest possible time.

Convenience & Mobility with the New iPad App

With the new volunteer management system, our client has minimised their time to manually enter data from hardcopy survey forms to their system. With the iPad application, staff and volunteers can now do surveys & home visits more quickly and conveniently,  the iPad application. After the surveys and home visits, volunteers can easily synchronise all the information directly to the system.

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