Sabre WebStart is a flight and hotel booking solution provided by Sabre to their travel agents. Travel agents who have signed up with Sabre WebStart can link or embed the booking engine on their websites, thus allowing their end-customers to search and make bookings for flights and hotels.

A New Platform to Suit a Growing Asia Market

Sabre originally used a matured solution as the WebStart flight and hotel reservation platform. However in 2009, Sabre decided to create a new and different version of WebStart platform, so as to cater for special business needs, and to maintain agility in the ever-growing Asia market. Forecepts was appointed to develop this product and together, we set the following product objectives with the client:

  • Strong core that can scale rapidly in functionality
  • Support online bookings with multiple online payment gateways for different countries in Asia
  • Aesthetic design and ease of use
  • Can be easily embedded or integrated into travel agents’ websites

We adopted an agile product development methodology, with extreme prototyping for this project. Before our team started the web development, we attended 3 sessions of training from Sabre. The first working version of the product was released for alpha testing in 3 months, with features like flight booking, hotel booking, agency settings, multi-destination flight bookings, online payment gateway integration and skin selection.

We adopted an agile product development methodology, with extreme prototyping for this project.

The biggest challenge we faced was to understand the flight and hotel reservation workflow, the host (backend) operation commands, and the web services within a short period.  We needed to know how to handle the various scenarios and behaviours from the host, so we could translate the workflow that was originally designed for travel agents, to a new workflow that will be suitable for DIY online booking by end-users.

The first production version of the new Sabre WebStart was launched towards the end of 2009. It is currently in use by about 500 travel agencies, powering their websites with the online booking facility that we have developed and continues to maintain for Sabre.

Multiple Payment Gateways for Better Market Localisation

One key feature of the new Sabre WebStart flight and hotel booking platform, was its support for multiple payment gateways. Each Asian country has its preferred payment gateways that work best for their local markets. To date, we have integrated 12 payment gateways to the platform to facilitate online payments for their respective country markets.

  • AsiaPay – PayDollar
    The default payment gateway for Sabre WebStart. Can be used in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India and Vietnam.
  • AsiaPay – PesoPay
    Payment gateway specifically for the Philippines market
  • DOKU
    Largest independent electronic payment solutions provider in Indonesia
  • Ipay88
    Payment gateway in Malaysia. Support both credit card payment and bank transfer payment
  • PayPal
  • Baiduri Payment
    Payment gateway provided by Baiduri bank, Brunei
  • KKB Payment
    Payment gateway provided by Kazkommertsbank, the largest bank in Kazakhstan
  • SBC Payment
  • VeriTrans3G
    One of the largest online payment provider in Japan
  • E-tenge
    Electronic wallet provider in Kazakhstan
  • EasyPay – Telemoney
    Singapore-based payment gateway which work closely with the local banks
  • CIMB  Payment
    Payment gateway provided by CIMB bank, Malaysia

Today, Sabre WebStart is in its 3rd version, after 2 major product revamps in our collaborative product development route map with the client. We are proud to continue with the development and maintenance of this product for the past 5 years.

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